Family Promise of Florence

Family Promise of Florence is a network of Christian churches ministering to children and their families who are homeless.  This will be accomplished through providing temporary housing, food, emotional and spiritual support, and professional guidance to assist families to gain employment and make permanent arrangements for housing. The problem of poverty is complex. There is no simple solution or a quick fix. It requires an integrated approach that begins with meeting immediate needs but reaches much further to help people achieve independence and to alleviate the root causes of poverty. The strategy is to focus efforts on five programs that work together in an integrated approach. Because the five programs support one another, each of them is far more effective than it could be alone. 1. Host Congregations—About 4 times a year—for one week at a time—Host congregations provide overnight lodging, meals, and hospitality.  The church will host 3 to 5 families (up to 14 individuals) from 5 pm until 7 am each day. 2. Volunteers—are the heart of the program.  They provide a variety of services:  cooking & serving meals, playing with children, staying overnight, etc. 3. Social Service Agencies—refer families to Family Promise.  The agencies may also help guests find housing, jobs, and other service.  They help assess potential guest families. 4. Day Center—Guests need a place to stay during the day—a place where they can make phone calls, tend small children, search for housing and jobs.  Guests use the day center as a base from about 7:30 am—5 pm.  The Day Center provides an office for the FP Director and a mailing address for the guests. 5. Transportation—The Family Promise vehicle transports guests to and from the day center.  It will also be used to transport bedding and luggage to the next Host Congregation.