We have dates set for the 2016 Canada trip! July 23 - 30 we will be traveling to New Brunswick to work in Dieppe and Miramichi. The trip will involve two groups that will do a variety of ministry. See the description below. The estimated trip cost is $1,600.00. We need a $400 deposit by April 15th. Eastside Church launched their first Sunday AM service at the end of June 2015. They are growing and God has continued to use the Vogue Theater to build community and clout for Eastside Church.

Last year our Canada trip was great! We had nine go from of our FBA Churches and one from the Screven Association. We were able to distribute door hangers that advertised an upcoming block party for the church Dieppe. There was also prayer walking, worship and fellowship with the church, and support for the pastor and his family. The team in Miramichi was able to do mostly construction work and interact with the locals.    

If you need a speaker to come and speak to your congregation, Men's or Women's Group, Mission Committee, about the partnership please let us know.

Below, you will find info on the Church Planters we work with in New Brunswick. We have been pleased to host both Victor and Paulin at our FBA Annual Meeting in 2014 and 2015.  

Here is a link to a story done on the Vouge Theater where we work with Victor Somers and Eastside Church:



Victor and Jodi were married in 1995 in a small mountain town in Colorado. Jodi was the daughter of a Village Missionary and Victor's mom and dad were leading a country church in rural New Brunswick. They
both understood full time ministry and had decided that as they set out together they would be open to what
God had for their lives.

A couple of years ago, Victor began to feel a call back to start a church in the region where he grew up. This
church, he thought, needed to respond to the great sense of loss and disappointment that he felt was in the

Miramichi, the fourth largest city in New Brunswick, is a historic town with a multicultural influence due to its
proximity to several First Nations communities and Acadian villages. It is the mission of EastSide Church to
live authentically as we help lost people find their way to God. Victor and his team know that government,
economic development and job creation are not what the people of Miramichi really need the most.


After a year on the ground in Miramichi, there are 35 people crammed into the lobby of an old movie
theatre for bible study and worship. These Sunday nights are filled with anticipation of what God is going
to do here on the river.


  • We ask that you pray for each of our unchurched contacts as we seek to engage in
    their lives and represent God well.


  • We need skilled contractor and skilled carpenters, as well as other helpers to assist with the floor repair, cleaning and painting in our theatre.


  • Pray for safety for the labourers as we renovate the auditorium of the Vogue Theatre so we can move out of the lobby.
  • Contact: Victor and Jodi Somers


    Birthdays: Victor: November 16

    Jodi: July 23

    Trenton: November 30

    Anniversary: December 30


Dieppe, NB

- Eglise Cite de la Grace

Paulin Blaise and Marie Claire Ngweth


Paulin and Marie Claire were born in Cameroon, in French West Africa. Paulin obtained degrees in
theological studies in Benin and in Belgium. The Ngweths are a couple who live a life of prayer, and this has become the key to their successful ministry in a difficult area.God has blessed the Ngweths with two beautiful
children, Theodora and Liam.

Dieppe is part of the Greater Moncton complex, the tenth fastest growing centre in Canada. Dieppe is the
fastest growing city in New Brunswick and the centre of Acadian culture. Acadians comprise 31 of the New
Brunswick population and remain an unreached people group (less than 1 % born again).

Dieppe is also home to the only French language university in eastern Canada, Universite de Moncton.
Each year more than 7,000 French speaking students gather to study. As a result, a strong multiplying
church presence in Dieppe could well be a key to successfully taking the Good News to this unreached
people group.

Needs for the next year:

  • Church building-


  • Labours (Missonnary long term and short term,
    Evangelist, Administrative .... )
  • Key board and guitars (bass, electric, classic ... )


  • French Sunday school material, french bible and
    study bible, french and English concordance,
    french books (doctrinal, christian living,
    discipleship, and worship, counselling ..... )


  • Use vehicle for food distribution in the
    community and non-perishable (City of Dieppe,
    Moncton University .... ) and barbecue .....


Contact: Paulin and Marie Claire Ngweth

Email: pngweth@gmail.com

Birthdays:Paulin: July 28

Marie Claire Ngweth: May 19

Theodora: April 13

Liam: April 25