• Christian Learning Center


The Christian Learning Center of Florence County is a release time program for the public schools in Florence County.  Release time is a time set aside during the school day when students may leave the school property to attend Bible classes off campus.  CLC provides the opportunity for students to receive Biblical teaching during the school day with parental permission.

Off campus Bible classes offer a haven for students to be nurtured, encouraged and guided by God’s truths in every day choices.  These classes offer hope in times of crisis and confusion and enable students to find God given worth and purpose in life.  As a result, core values of our society such as family relations, healthy friendships, work ethics and a sense of personal responsibility are strengthened.  We seek to glorify God by empowering students to reach their fullest potential.

The purpose of CLC is to provide an opportunity for public school students in Florence County to understand Biblical principles and apply them to their lives, family and community.  In 1952, the Supreme Court upheld Release Time Bible Education as being constitutional in all 50 states.  Justice William O. Douglas, speaking for the majority, concluded that while the First Amendment prohibits governmental financing of religious instruction, it does not require the government to be hostile toward religion.

For more information about CLC please visit the website at   https://florenceclc.org/